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Guardianship Q & A

Do you have a friend or family member who is having trouble keeping his or her life together? Perhaps a Professional Guardian is the solution.

What is a Professional Guardian?

A Professional Guardian is a trained professional appointed by the court to ensure the safety and well-being of a person in need (the Ward). This can include securing health and personal care, finding the most appropriate residential setting, and encouraging social interaction. The Guardian also secures the person's income and assets to keep them safe from exploitation. These are among the many protective services offered by Central Florida Guardian Solutions. 

Because the Ward is under the jurisdiction of the court, the Guardian must report to the court periodically about the Ward's circumstances and finances.

Who Needs a Guardian?

Anyone who, through disability or advancing age, is unable to take care of normal activities of daily living, understand finances, make health care decisions, understand the consequences of decisions made, and other indicators may need a Guardian. The person will need to be evaluated, and it is very likely that a Guardian will be indicated.

Why Use a Guardian? Can't Family Members Do This?

Yes, family members certainly can step in. However, there are many reasons to engage the services of a Professional Guardian outside the family to help with a loved one. Perhaps family members live a long distance away, or perhaps they are caring for others, or perhaps there is a challenged relationship with the person in need.

Are Guardian Services Costly?

The initial assessment and engagement are $250. After that, all of our services cost less than $100 per hour and vary based on the level of service required. An agreement is signed between Central Florida Guardian Solutions and the family member engaging the service. If the Ward has no assets, CFGS will look to family member(s) for compensation. Call or email us for a confidential discussion of the particular circumstances. There is no cost for the initial discussion.

Are Other Options Available?

Yes. Perhaps your particular circumstances require care management only, or perhaps a power of attorney is all that is needed. Another option is appointing a health care surrogate. Call or email us for a more in-depth discussion of each alternative. Again, there is no cost for an initial discussion.

Are CFGS Guardians and Care Managers Bonded?

Yes!! All staff who have access to confidential information are bonded. Further, where assets are substantial, a larger bond may be imposed by the court.

What about Background Checks?

Good question! Everyone at CFGS has passed background and credit checks, including FBI fingerprinting.